Monday, February 29, 2016

SOLSC #1 - Tuesday March 1, 2016

This blog will have Slices of Life from students in middle school classes at The Logan School in Denver, CO. This year, I running the SOL for all the classes at this level for all students who choose to participate.

Welcome to the March Slice of Life Story Challenge! Writing slices each day is a special way to develop your writing, observational skills and your ability to reflect on the events of the day. You will find that posts are long, short, deep, flighty, emotional or just a brief sharing. I encourage you to experiment in your writing: try poetry, include pictures, be descriptive, show different points of view, and free-write. I look forward to slicing with you, commenting on your posts and seeing how you comment to each other. Keep it positive and encouraging. 

Finding something to write about can be difficult. Here is an image shared last year from the website that may help you with writer's block. When in doubt, just start writing!

Please take a moment, before publishing each post, to read through them aloud and correct any glaring typos or grammatical errors. 

Cheers and happy slicing!

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