Tuesday, March 22, 2016


This blog will have Slices of Life from students in middle school classes at The Logan School in Denver, CO. This year, I'm managing the Slice of Life Classroom Challenge for three classes of middle school students who are choosing to participate!

Congratulations to everyone in The Little Mermaid!  What an amazing show!

Prompt: Write about comfort. Comfort food, comfort people, comfortable moments.

Slicers! Take a moment, before publishing each post, to read through them aloud and correct any glaring typos or grammatical errors. 

Cheers and happy slicing!

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  1. Part 2 I would recommend going back to part one if you haven’t read it

  2. A Poem About Time. (No the poem isn't about time, but it's about time that I've written a poem. And warning, the poem sucks. Secondary warning, that probably made everyone click on it. I will mentally shout at you. WARNING: MENTAL VOLUME TOO HIGH. Warning: This will probably keep going on for a few more warnings so I suggest you skip to the next part. Warning: You skipped to this part, instead of the next blog. Warning: You are still reading this. Warning: You wasted 3 minute of your life reading this list)

  3. the slice of life link to #24 isn't working.

  4. the slice of life link to #24 isn't working.